Why you should have a Personal Mission Statement

Personal Mission Statement

If you don’t decide the direction of where you want your life to go, others will do it for you.  It can be the demands of an employer, family obligations, addictions, your mental state or other life situations that can alter the direction of your life.

Let’s try to think of your life in terms of a graph.  Every decision and action results in a new data point on the graph.  For every positive decision the line trends upwards and negative decisions guide the line downwards.

Some decisions are minor blips that may not even be seen on this graph if they occur rarely.

For example, drinking alcohol.  Someone who is an occasional drinker, may not see many effects, whereas a daily habit will drive the line downwards over time.  Same can be said about diet, exercise, relationships, etc.

If you have a Personal Mission Statement, it help you to make better choices.  It will allow you to recenter your thinking, especially in times of chaos, so that your graph is trending the positive direction

“Principles are ways of successfully dealing with reality to get what you want out of life.” – Ray Dalio

Below is my personal mission statement.  It is something that I strive to help me make my daily choices.

At times I make choices against this framework, but having it allows me to refocus.

I’ll try to do better everyday.


-I will be faithful to and respect my wife.
-I will treat my children with understanding and patience.
-I will serve as the best example of who I want my sons to be and my daughter to marry.
-I will be thankful for my parents, treat them with respect, and be there for them as they age.
-I will have maximum fun with my family.


-I will stay sober and try to stay away from other destructive addictions.
-I will manage my emotions to avoid reactive behavior.
-I will not be lazy, complain, make excuses, or indulge in self pity.
-I will be honest.
-I will help others.
-I will let go of of resentment.
-I will calm my mind.
-I will exercise consistently.
-I will eat healthy foods.
-I will maintain a fit body.
-I will do fun things that make me happy.


-I will strive for financial abundance.
-I will be frugal where sensible.
-I will act in a long term perspective and not take shortcuts.
-I will work hard and be a relentless business man that will never give up.
-I will treat our capital with respect and patience.
-I will take only calculated risks when available.
-I will develop an investment plan for each bucket and stick to it.
-I will seek opportunities to make money while having maximum fun.
-I will try to leave some financial security to the next generations.

If you are serious about living your best life and having no regrets in your late years, it’s about time you put pen to paper and write your own personal mission statement.  

It may help to read this personal mission statement on a regular basis and modify as needed.



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